Living Farm offers a range of contract research and development, including;

  • Small plot chemical efficacy, tolerance and residue studies
  • Crop nutrition trials
  • Agronomic trials and Grower Group work
  • New variety seed increase
  • Contract small plot spraying and seeding and grain analysis
  • Agricultural technology services

Small plot chemical efficacy, tolerance and residue studies
Since its inception chemical efficacy and tolerance studies have formed a major part of the Living Farm workload. Living farm are highly experienced in this area and can design, conduct and manage all aspects of small plot chemical trials.

Crop Nutrition Trials
Living Farm undertake a wide range of crop nutrition studies and have customised seeding equipment available for the successful conduct of virtually all crop nutrition trials.

Agronomic trials and Grower Group Work
Living Farm are increasingly being engaged with to look at systems or multi variate agronomic trials. Living Farm have a full range of knowledge and equipment to undertake all types of systems trials.
Living Farm also currently manage a number of independent R&D trials for regionally based grower groups such as the Liebe Group, Facey Group, West Midlands Group, and the company’s own group of farmer clients. As a result Living Farm have built relationships with a number of leading farmers, which has in turn given us access to a range of quality trial sites over a range of soil types, rainfall zones and geographic areas.

New Variety Seed Increase
Living Farm are skilled at small to medium sized seed increases. Living Farm have successfully completed seed increases in cereals, oilseeds and legumes and have extensive experience in the production of hybrid canola.
Should you wish to consider trial work in Western Australia we would be happy to talk to you further about how we may be able to work together.

Contract Small Plot Spraying and Seeding and Grain Analysis
Living Farm’s operational capacity includes a full range of research trial equipment, including small plot seeders, ute-mounted and hand sprayers, as well as harvest equipment such as plot headers and weigh trailers. If you do not have the necessary equipment for part of your research program then please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we may be able to assist.