NATA accreditation is the recognition of the ability of Living Farm to perform specific types of technical and scientific activities. 

As per NATA’s website, these activities can include measurement, testing, calibration and inspection and accreditation recognises an organisation’s compliance with relevant national and international standards. 

Living Farm received GLP accreditation in May 2023.

The OECD Principles of GLP are applicable to test facilities performing (non-clinical) studies that will be submitted to authorities for the purposes of assessing the health and environmental safety of chemicals and chemical products.

They also define the responsibilities of test facility management, study director, study personnel and quality assurance personnel operating within a GLP system. In addition, standards concerning the suitability of organisations and equipment to perform studies, the need for standard operating procedures, documentation of raw data, study reports and the archiving of records.

To find out more about Living Farm’s accreditation you can visit here Living Farm – GLP Facility – Accredited Organisation (Site No. 25144) – NATA.

Contact Living Farm to conduct GLP accredited work here.

For more information contact:
Rebecca Smith: Living Farm GLP Test Facility Manager
Orna Tippett: Living Farm GLP Study Director